[LFW PAID] - Weekends Only - Debugging, Level Optimization, Advanced Materials, Blueprinting, Level Design

Low Framerates? Buggy blueprints? Broken lighting? Missing Features? Slow Progress?

Call: (add as friend)
On discord.
Available on weekends and most weekdays after 5 PM
Timezone is GMT+1 (Eastern Europe)

Rate is 20$/hour, available 8 hours/day on Saturdays and Sundays, and possibly weekday evenings, if job is urgent.
If you are an artist, I may be interested in trading skills for my super secret personal project.

Previous XP
Level Generation, Traffic AI, bp networking debugging, optimizing blueprints, levels and materials,
Modular Level Design for urban environments,
Optimizing for VR
I’m quite used to perforce
I’ve got a decent rig for building levels

You can also contact me for royalty tasks if its a solid and short term project.