[LFW] [PAID] Webmaster Webdesigner build your homepage website or e-commerce with great SEO !

Hi there !

Usually I am a systems and network administrator
specialized in Windows, VMware, Citrix and Cisco.

In parallel, I practice by passion the Webmastering
(Creation of web pages)

I offer my services in my chosen field as well as support, consulting and creating your website for an attractive rate with seamless service seamlessly,
my code will be documented on demand, nothing will escape you!

My web skills are:
Techno: HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP 5, SQL Database, Javascript, jQuery, Google Maps API 3, Flash.
CMS (Content Management System): WordPress, Ez-publish, PrestaShop, Joomla, etc …
CMS e-commerce, e-shop: PrestaShop, Woo-commerce via WordPress.
Design: Logo, 2D, 3D

Google SEO to be top of the list.
Web site promotion via social media and other techniques.
Transfer speed optimization and display.
Creating domain name.
powerful web hosting, secure and scalable for a reasonable price.
possible multilingual website.
Responsive design (adaptable website at size tablets and mobile phones)
All Crossbrowser (compatible with all web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Android, Microsoft Mobile, iPhone OS, Opera, etc …)
Various options are possible:
From Sctach, ie from nothing and base your most optimal as possible website.
Or from a template already experienced.
Or from a CMS, you can even add content and manage the back office.
Note that according to the project I undertake to make your ultra fast web site,
ie below the second (in France, possible according to the international average)
which allows other better Google SEO will choose the fastest site among the results of competitors.

Arguments in support viewable from recognized and approved platforms, same for SEO !
A beautyfull website is nice but with just few visitors it’s pretty useless so i will help you to populate your website !

If you are interested in my services, send me the full project to study the proposal and i will send you a free quote.

i make afordable price, specialy for indie game developers and small projects.
So feel free to contact me by this post of on this forum private message, i’ll send you my portfolio on demand.

Actually i’m also doing a indie game with my team and i’m still working on the website made from scratch.

Cheers !

While most here probably do their website themself, unless it becomes a bigger project, people likely want to see some references.

Hi Unit23 !

Thanks for your post, what you say make sense.
Maybe you should read more carefully what i wrote then you will understand better the whole idea.

But here some arguments:

Most of game team make website them self but unfortunately dont do it right in term of codes and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Even big web angency do the same mistakes and sell you BullSh** served on a silver platter…

The most important in a website it’s a huge traffic !

Send me any website you think then make it right ten i’ll show you the wrong parts.

About professional references i dont have some from big companies but i had 2 customers in the past and i can send my portfolio on private and serious demand.

Cheers !

PS: Sorry for my unperfect english, i’m french actually.

I’m still available for any website project.

I’m still available for any website project.
Feel free to contact me if you have any project.
Cheers !

I’m still available for any website project.

Here a standard exemple of prices for a website

My rates are significantly lower so enjoy!

Feel free to contact me if you have any project.

Cheers !

I’m still available for any website project.
Contact me for free quote !

Available in june as webmaster devloper frond end and back end for any website, e-commerce project

Thanks for your post, what you say make sense.
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