[LFW] [PAID] Utku Dagli - Developer

Hello, My name is Utku. I am an Unreal Engine developer. I have 1 year of work experience in a few companies. I have worked for VR projects then I have started working on a multiplayer FPS game project.

You can find my portfolio on here: In my portfolio, you can find my bachelor project and some course projects. Other than this you can find some templates. One is technically finished but I am planning to add some levels for fun which is named Building Escape. Another one is named Battle Tank template it is not finished so I am working on it.

You can contact me at [EMAIL=“”] I am currently working as a full-time developer at a company. So I am looking for a job, that I can work on after my work and weekends. I prefer partial payment at the beginning, as payment rate we can discuss because it may change depending on the projects and the things that you want me to do.