[LFW] [PAID] / [UNPAID] I want to work on something interesting in Lvl design or music production:

Hi I am an architect and music producer: I am using UE4 for many years now. And I want to contribute to a serious project with my own skills.

Please take a look at my portfolio:


Music Production:

Hello Sadrumet,

I’m working one of the most unique Projects in the Unreal Community. It requires a very interesting Level Design (opened to ArchViz in the pavilion/Mall that combines various themes from Sci-Fi to Ancient). You can check it out here. My question is do you require concept drawings to be furnished, or can you produce you own?

Hi thanks for your answer. It will be less difficult for me of course when I have the drawings … but it’s not really necessary I think… It depends of the difficulty of the project.

Thanks for your reply. The difficulty on my project is very unique and open to creativity of the Level Designer. The Level Designer is literally free to create Levels they so desire. The goal is to show off Architectural Game Dev Assets in creative ways, which can be purchased on demand from within the Game World. The project will make use of experimental Level Building process using an a Multi-user In-Game Editing System. Thus, I’m seeking an Level Designer who is willing to help prototype the experimental Editing system and create unique and beautiful levels.

I understand. It seems interesting. May be on private you can tell me more about the workflow and what exactally I have to do .