LFW | PAID/UNPAID/CONTRACT/ROYALTY |Intermediate | Concept Creator, Story Writer, Music Composer

Hello everyone, I’m Kyero Di Nelma.

I have only recently downloaded Unreal Engine 4, so my experience with the gaming software is severely limited though I am aiming to change that by taking several udemy classes as well as watching dozens of youtube tutorials from Unreal themselves and other users who are familiar with the software.

Where I really excel, however, and where I can offer high-quality experience and results are in the following categories:

*Conceptualization:* (I've been a creative writer for around 18 years)
  • Story/Plot

  • World Background Lore (I can provide Elder Scrolls-style background lore going back as far as you want so long as I know what you want from me regarding content)

  • Character Designs (written appearance information, no art) Descriptions, Backstories, Relationships, Family History, etc.


  • Combat

  • I have been a martial artist for 20 years and have studied the foundational principles of 13 styles, so I know my way around combat and how the human body actually responds to being hit in various ways. As well I can easily tell those who enjoy gore-based combat where the best places to target are for realistic blood spurts, sprays, and spatters to make more intense and violent games that extra bit of realism.

    Music Composition:

  • I have been studying/practicing orchestral composition for around 3 years now. I work primarily with the orchestral medium, but I have access to electronic sound sample libraries as well to create diverse and highly flexible soundscapes for your project. So long as you provide me with a good source of inspiration for your project I can compose almost any kind of music for you.

I have provided my own SoundCloud page below for your convenience. However please keep in mind that much of the music on my SoundCloud page is done in Sibelius which is Music notation software and is not set up with high quality sound libraries. The pieces which I believe best represent the higher level of quality I can bring to the table from an orchestral/electronic standpoint are the following: Military-Esque Theme (which, very ironically, was an attempt to earn a spot as a composer for another user), Viktoria, Titan of Terror, Juri’s Theme, and the Mythic Wings (Main Theme).

Portfolio: TrevorWylie | Trevor Wylie | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Personal Best Pieces:

Primary Contact Method:

  • If you’d like to Skype me, send me an email first letting me know who you are here on this site and I’ll send you my Skype information once I’ve confirmed that you are who you say you are (If you can’t tell, I’m very private and security conscious).

I cannot travel far from where I live which is the Silicon Valley, California. If you desire to make use of my services, but live elsewhere, then please ask for either my email or Skype information and we can communicate directly that way. I am very good about answering emails promptly as I check my inbox multiple times daily and it’s the most reliable way to reach me.

I work during weekdays and have two part-time jobs right now. But thankfully I work in the afternoon/evening leaving my mornings and most weekends free (especially Sundays).


I am aware that many young and budding developers these days work from home and are on an extremely tight budget. As such I am willing to work with whatever reimbursement method makes my potential clients most comfortable. So if you have the means to pay for my services up front or as we go along, then that’s great. But if you’re on a budget and you don’t think you’ll be able to pay for my services right away, then we can compromise and work on something that works for both of us.

Obviously I can never simply agree to work for nothing. There must be something down the line later for me to involve myself in anyone’s projects. But so long as we both agree on reimbursement for my time and work, then we can negotiate and come up with a solution we’re both happy with.

I have a basic contract worked up for each service provided above, and all contracts I have are open to negotiation and compromise depending on the client’s needs.

Feedback: I would prefer serious comments from those who are actually in need of someone like myself to provide the services listed for their project. But if you’d like to contact me about something else you’re welcome to. But if you aren’t here for my services then please reply to this topic and don’t ask for my email.

Thank you!

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I have had one individual contact me thus far with interest to my work so I am eager to see if anyone else would like to engage my services.

If you have any questions of me, please don’t hesitate to send me a message here or send me an email at the provided address.

Thank you for your time everyone!

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And also I’d like to request that anyone who is interested in my services be sure to keep in regular contact with me and to keep communication clear.

For example:

  • If you want me to function as a story writer, please send me ALL documents you have regarding the game’s story as you have it now, as well as notes on what kind of information you would like to see added to or expanded upon.

  • If you want me to function as a combat consultant, multiple Skype sessions may be required so you can see what some of your best options are regarding body movement, as many of the basic animations are unrealistic or otherwise impractical and don’t utilize the body enough to hold the kind of realism your project may otherwise demand.

  • If you want me to function as a composer, then please, please, PLEASE… Make an honest effort to communicate coherently and purposefully.

  • “The music sounds flat”
  • “The melody doesn’t make sense”
  • “I like this soundtrack from this film”

The first one doesn’t tell me anything, and the second is just as bad. What do I do with that information? How does it not make sense? Please give me details as to why you think it doesn’t make sense.

And for the game developers who are interested to know and might not know at the moment, film music is not the same as video game music. The process for writing for them is different, as are the methods used for inspiration and compositional technique so as to fit the video game mold. So it’s not the best example to give a composer of video games a film score when you want a game soundtrack.

Does that make sense?

If we start working together and anything that I do for you is not up to the standards you have set for your project, then please make the honest effort to communicate coherently and directly with me. If you only use the above example sentences and don’t give me any further details to the best of your ability, then I cannot do anything to make the music better. Whatever work I do will waste not only your time, but mine as well. Neither of us will get anywhere if we can’t communicate clearly.

Thank you for your time everyone, and good luck with all of your projects!

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We need More Lore

Hi Kyero Di Nelma,

[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333]I’m glad I found your post. You are a Jack of all Trades, a rare breed of Game Developer. Our game The Elemental DRifter, A [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]*Open-World Action RPG Hybrid set in Apocalyptic World shattered by Dimensional Space/Time Rift [COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333]is in serious need of Story Lore/Writer. We have food-for-thought on plot, in our [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]Living GDD, but it needs to be expanded into a world we can immerse our players in. *[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333]The concept is opened to various concepts as the game deals with Time-Space Dimensional Rifts. We’ve opened our GDD to the public in attempt to solicit more Lore.

Please advise if additional information is required. Any and all feedback will be gladly accepted. I sincerely appreciate you taking time to read this post.


Frankie TechLord Taylor
[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]Lead Game Systems Programmer/Designer @