[LFW] [PAID/UNPAID/CONTRACT] Programmer (C++/Blueprints)


Preferred i am looking for PAID/CONTRACT job.

But also i will think about fast and interesting project with team for ROYALTY. In that way you should have game design and most game assets be completed, and team core should have at least 2d artist, 3d artist, and animator. All other things i can make.

About me:
I am 32 years old, from Russia, and i am working with Unreal Engine since first UDK released.
I wish to work and grow further in game development.
I am most experienced with gameplay mechanics programming, UI mechanics programing, features prototyping, blueprints, but i prefer to make most in c++ than blueprints.
I know how to organize and plan development process from start to finish.
I am not the best at animation blueprint programing and UI animations, never had deal with steam and localization (but i can spend my time to study and understand if it is needed).

Previous Work:
Last two UE4 projects i worked on is under NDA so i can’t to show my work, first was FPS on-line shooter, second was MMORPG game, with its own client/server sides, where i was lead c++ developer until funding ended with world economy crisis as reason.

Last unpaid project is Steammancer. I have worked on it first on UDK and then on UE4 since it was beta announced.

GitHub profile
There you can see some code examples: a little c++ game on SFML, UE4 terrain generator, and old project on UDK - XCOM:ORIGIN with unrealscript

You can contact me here first via PM.


Hi, shot you a PM.

i am free again for paid offers only.

I have one job for you add me on skype : zaikonixx

hey there ,

we would be interested in your skills
to develop an in UE4 engine for creating point & click adventure games )

  • for creating a whole series of p&c-games.
    if you have time we would love to talk about money and scedule.

and merry christmas of course ^^

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