[LFW PAID] Trevor Baker - Music Composition and Sound Design

Thread Title: [LFW PAID] Gillian “Cheeky” Smith - 3D Character Artist

*The *title of the thread should begin with the prefix [LFW], followed by your name and job title/skillset.
If you have multiple skillsets, list the major ones only.

If you’re looking for a particular type of work, be sure to include it in the prefix (PAID/UNPAID/CONTRACT etc).

**Skillset(s):**Music Composition and Sound Design

  • 3 years in the mod community
  • 4 years of composition experience
  • 6+ years of sound design experience

List your skillsets and give a brief description of experience in each.
Avoid massive walls of text - you have your website for that (see below).

Previous Work:
**** Sharks from Mars! - http://www.****
Indie game, lead character artist.

Quick list of recent work - try to keep it within the last 5 years.
We don’t want to know about your modeling efforts in primary school.



Cell Phone Number:

Includes various ways to contact you, if possible.
For email, use a proper domain based email and avoid @yahoo, @live, @hotmail etc.

Additional Information:

  • Six years of college education
  • Cannot travel until graduation in spring of 2020

Comments welcome! But I highly encourage offers or connections!