[LFW][PAID] Technical Artist / BP Expert / UMG

Hi, I’m an Unreal dev looking for exciting and inspiring projects to work on. I have 3+ years professional experience in Unreal Engine working for a range of small and large clients in various industries from automotive to VR gaming. I’ve worked with a wide range of hardware technologies within the engine and I enjoy exploring how new technologies can be integrated with real-time tech.

I’m constantly learning more about the engine and trying to enhance my artistic and technical skills further. I’m confident in my ability to tackle unknowns and feel I can find a solution to any problem or accomplish any task put in front of me. I’ve at least touched most systems in Unreal Engine and am familiar with workflows and general overview of each system.

I am looking for a project that challenges me technically while also enables me to flex my creative muscles. Preferably, I’d like to be working on enterprise projects within media and entertainment, architecture, automotive, new technologies, etc. Currently less interested in gaming projects but could be persuaded if the project is unique / interesting enough.

Location: USA

Job Type: Remote - Part-Time / Contract (Open to alternatives)

Industry: Enterprise (Virtual Production, Architecture, Music, New Technology, etc.)

Professional UE Experience: 3+ years

UE Related Skills:

  • Blueprints (Expert)
    I’ve touched just about every core system in Unreal through blueprints and am familiar with the data flow and communication / control. Also familiar with many external plugins related to Virtual Production, Live Performance, Audio, Import/Export, Save/Load, Multi-User control, etc.

  • UMG (Advanced)
    Created many advanced UMG widgets for real-time control and editor utility widgets (blutilities). Experience with UI / UX design

  • C++ (Advanced)
    Gameplay logic, math calculations, various third party integrations (SDKs, APIs), handful of plugins

  • Niagara VFX (Intermediate)
    Familiar with included Niagara modules and dynamic parameter control / manipulation. Still learning about intelligent particle effects and custom module creation.

  • Materials (Intermediate)
    Familiar with material creation, parameter collections, dynamic parameters, material functions, some advanced nodes. Still learning about some advanced material nodes and material vertex control for advanced material creation.

  • Sequencer (Intermediate)
    Experience with controlling: camera, VFX, lighting, post process, materials, animation, etc.

  • 3D Modeling w/ Blender (Intermediate)
    Experience modeling, texturing, UV mapping, non-organics in Blender

Other Artistic Skills:

  • Graphic Design - Adobe Illustrator

Other Technical Skills:

  • Python
  • Arduino
  • Web (HTML, CSS, JS)

Other qualifications:
I’ve been a speaker at a number technical conferences around the world

If you’ve got a cool project you need help with please reach out. I’d love to chat with you.
Also, if you’d like to see some of my past work or have further questions for me you can contact me through my email below:

Interested, can you please contact me on Discord?