[LFW PAID] Skelius Mortalis - Sound Designer/Music Composer

**Skillset(s):**Sound Designer/Music Composer

  • 2 years work experience in games industry.
  • Worked on Skywind Renewal Project
  • Middleware: Fmod, Wwise
  • DAW: Audacity, ProTools, FL Studio, Native Instruments Kontakt
  • Foley sound recording
  • 7 years of respective education, 2 masters degrees
  • Freelance work, in-house work, contract work
  • Critically acclaimed work, by renowned composers such as Bill Brown and Frank Klepacki.
  • Knowledge of UDK, Unity, VR audio
  • Expertise in interactive and dynamic music and sound
  • AAA quality work

Sound and music can be found on my portfolio, as well as recent projects.

Film: Linked-in profile

Skype: artem_b_lv (Skelius)