[LFW Paid/Royalty] Blueprint Programmer

Hi my name is Jack,

I have been using UE4 for many years now and have gathered experience in many aspects of UE4. I am again interested in taking on some work for my spare time.

Skillset(s): Blueprint Programmer

  • 4+ years in indie game scene.

All aspects of blueprints (Programming, Animation, Slate/Widget, Packaging, Plugins, AI, Networking, Debugging/Optimization, Procedural Generation, Gameplay Programming, Mobile Development)

Previous Work:

Office Freakout - Steam Greenlight::Office Freakout
Lead Programmer

Gameplay design and programming.

Region Pathing - Region Pathing in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace


Discord: JV#4132

Additional Information:

  • PST Time Zone
  • Available nights and weekends
  • Remote Work

Hi, I’ve added you on discord.

Hi Jack, I’m Brian. I work for a start up studio and we’re looking for a programmer who can help us build our core gameplay. I’ll send you a request on Discord if you’re interested in learning more.

Greetings. Konroy here with Koryu Studios. Just sent you a friends request on Discord & a message. We’ve got work for you if you’re interested.

Added you on Discord a couple days ago.