[LFW] [PAID/ROYALTIES] "Cheap" Music Composer for hire.

Hi Everyone,

I have been absent for a longtime but slowly getting back on tracks !

My main influences : Trent Reznor, Christopher Drake, Frank Klepacki, Samuel Laflamme, Chris Vrenna, Charlie Clouser, Mick Gordon for examples.

I try to be as versatile as possible and compose a little bit of everything from Industrial/Metal to Orchestral. Current work(s) in progress :

-Howling Fury

Achieved work(s) :

  • Overdosed : A Trip to Hell (PC / Steam)

  • Stay Close (PC / Steam)

Work Sample(s) :

My Work Samples](

Howling Fury OST In Progress

Stay Close : Extended Theme

Overdosed : A Trip to Hell



Deus Ex - Rise of the Augmented (Fan Made Theme)

I am mainly looking for Paid Works so I can reinvest the funds in another project I am currently working on : Howling Fury.

Accepting Royalties based projects if they are about to be finalized in the coming weeks/months.

I may accept more Royalties based projects if the concept has potential and a serious, solid team behind.

Please, notice that I DON’T do Sound Effects !

**/!\ About the Rates /!\

Make sure to check my rates below before contacting me. Do not send me emails asking for my rates, it gets tiresome after some time.

All you need to know is below. I don’t mind negociations but emails simply asking for my rates won’t be answered from now on.**

Current rates (each song must not exceed 5mins) :

  • $20 per song for Rock/Metal/Industrial themes.

  • $30 per song for Acoustic/Orchestral themes.

  • $40 per song for Hybrid themes (generally Orchestral + Electronic/Industrial elements)

Decreasing amounts may apply regarding the number of tracks needed !

For over 3 songs requested :

  • $5 Off on every song.

For over 6 songs requested :

  • Another $5 Off on every song.

**/!\ About the Royalties /!\

If your project is Royalties-based only, I’ll request a certain percentage on the sales, depending of the amount of tracks requested.

If you plan on buying tracks (at least 5 tracks requested), I won’t request Royalties but it doesn’t mean that I give you the rights on my work.**

Contact : [EMAIL=“”]

Looking forward to hear from y’all !

Best Regards,


Bumping thread with a new song, Shrine.

Bumping thread ! Available for work :slight_smile:

A little bump. Feel free to send me your requests :slight_smile:

Bumping thread again ! Still available.

Honestly, not being a troll… But, is it normal to charge $75 per minute and get 5%? That 5% is as much as what Epic gets…?


Hi Teak,

To answer your question, I am not charging much at all compared to what some indie composers would be asking. Of course, there would be always cheaper prices. But, and that’s a true fact, for an orchestral composition for a small project, and I insist on the small project, a composer could ask around $300 to $500 per minute and between 5% and 7% of royalties.

I hope I answered your question.



Bumping thread. Still looking for work :]

Got it! Thanks… This is just me not understanding the market…! I’ve never published anything and I just started learning UE4 about 6 months ago (mainly for fun! Already have a career)…

Good luck!


Not a problem at all ! Some people are surprised by the rates but it’s not so different than asking to an artist to make a concept art or artwork. Some artists can easily charge between $500 and $1000 for an artwork depending the complexity and the hours it took to them to get it done.

Making music is not so different. Finding an idea, composing, mixing and mastering in order to deliver the final product to your client can ask alot of time and energy too ^^

The royalties are another story. Usually in france, the SACEM, would take care of it for me. But since I decided not to work with them, I have to negociate the royalties with the clients myself.

Anyway, thank you for your interest though :slight_smile:


Back from vacation :slight_smile:
I’ll be adding new stuff very soon !

Currently looking for work !

Just a little head up to announce that prices have been lowered :slight_smile:

  • Blues/Fusion/Rock/Metal/Industrial themes changed to $50 to $40

  • Orchestral themes changed to $75 to $50

Getting back into business with a new song - TechnoGods : TechnoGods by Shane_Valentine | Shane Valentine | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Bumping thread :slight_smile:

Bumping thread :slight_smile:

Hey ! A little head up to let you know that the rates have changed ! Feel free to check them out :slight_smile:

New song up ! Let’s Rumble : Girl with a Gun by Shane_Valentine | Shane Valentine | Free Listening on SoundCloud

A little up ! I regrouped some of my work under a single soundcloud link. Check it out :slight_smile:

A little up ! I regrouped some of my work under a single soundcloud link. Check it out :slight_smile:

Good evening to everyone !

A little up !