[LFW][PAID] Programmer

Skillset(s): UE4 Programmer

  • 5 years as UE4 programmer
  • 5 years as C++ programmer
  • 10 years as programmer
  • Experience in: Blueprints, Networking, Animations, Gameplay, Big Data, Plugins, Cloud, Engine Extension
  • Experience with VR
  • I can also assist in FX, Materials, AI

Previous Work ( only related to game dev ):

  • DarkStorkStudios - programmer
  • IronbellyStudios - programmer/lead programmer
  • 4Experience - programmer/lead programmer

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Additional Information:

  • I am looking for long term cooperation
  • Can travel, but I prefer remote work ( I have house & family )
  • I guarantee professional approach
  • I’ve got my own HTC Vive set

Serious replies only please.

hi friend … he’s still available as a programmer i’m looking for