[LFW] [Paid] Programmer/BP/C++

Hi all.
I am a full-time freelancer (though not a programmer), that decided to switch rails to game development. I’ve worked before with small indie developers on two projects - a hotel managment game and an Astroneer-inspired adventure game, but both projects eventually collapsed due to, let’s say honestly, bad management and lack of proper organization. Also had my own pet-project - recreating SWKOTOR-style turn-based combat system.

So, what I have:

  1. UE4 - 2 years of study
  2. c++ - 1 year of study
  3. Actual work on UE4 projects - roughly 150h of total time on 3 projects.

I am not a pro developer in any way, but I consider myself quite proficient in algorithms and making core mechanics, but can work with almost any aspect of the engine (user interface, AI, anim blueprints etc).

10$/h. As a freelancer I work only through Upwork, no direct payments.

Availability and contacts
I can work up to 20 hours per week.
Language: English
Timezone: EEST (UTC/GMT+3)
Discord: polnoch#1239