[LFW PAID] Nick "Felucca Studios" - Dedicated Servers/Persistent Data

**Skillset(s): **Developer

  • 20 years web development
  • 8 years game systems design

BP ( 2 Years )
Ruby On Rails ( 12 years ) ( 2 years )

Online Services ( 20 years )
Dedicated Server Management ( 8 years )

Previous Work:
I currently publish my work on the UE4 marketplace as well as create tutorials and videos for designing and creating web services for games.
My current skill set is in creating a web server to handle matching making, social, and persistent profile information to handle approaches like Fortnites: Battle Royale and to standard MMO web server systems.
At the same time I create robust sub systems in UE4 BP’s to parse the JSON responses to create sub systems inside the game.

Do you want to add persistent profiles, outfits, store, social features, and more? I can help with that as well as game play mechanics!


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord User: Felucca Studios#7404

Additional Information:

  • Work From Home
  • Located In Silicon Valley
  • Can Travel

My schedule is extremely flexible. Time would depend on size of projects.

Comments welcome!
I am just taking the dive into freelancing my skills out after 2 years of focusing my skills on UE4 after 7 years on HeroEngine.
I am not sure what employers are looking from me in regards to proof or skill set for creating and managing a persistent data system/matchmaking.

Please let me know if you would like to see anything or a bare minimum example project that would be acceptable to show of the skills for this type of role.