[LFW PAID] Kirk Markarian - Retro/Synthwave & Electronic Music Composer

Music Composer
3 years in film industry.
1 years in indie game scene.

I’ve been composing music for 21 years, predominantly in the electronic and synthetic music category, but I can compose MANY genres of music, as I’ve had to for various projects. I’ve got 6 films under my belt, and I’m currently working on two video games. I make all sorts of electronic music, and I want to reinforce that point - from the typical to the atypical. Do you want it in 5/4 time and not to have repetitive patterns? I can do that! Do you want it to sound like it came from the 80’s? I can do that, too. I started working with real analog synthesizers a long time ago, taught myself how to make various types of music with them, then switched to computers for music that required finer details. I compose music for horror, drama, sci-fi, and suspense. I also compose music that will take you back to the 60’s, where you chose to live the mod lifestyle in Italy! I compose classical music as well. I encourage you to take a look at my portfolio and browse my works.

An important note - there is pricing on my tracks on the Bandcamp page. Yes they’re exorbitant. That’s because the music isn’t for sale - it’s my portfolio!

Previous Work:

Lead Composer:
Xomnium Alpha Stage Game w/Music - game in progress
Indie Game

Lead Composer:
Ghost in the Slug - Soundtrack - game in progress
Indie Game




Linkedin: Kirk Markarian’s LinkedIn Page
Bandcamp: Kirk Markarian’s Bandcamp Portfolio

Additional Information:

I work from home, so contact must be made via email or Skype. I prefer email via Bandcamp.

serious replies only please.