[LFW] [Paid] Justin - C++ and BP Programmer


Thank you for all the good times! :slight_smile:

I sent you a pm

Burnrate, you have a Skype ID?

Are you still available?

Previously hired for 7 hours to merge marketplace assets, seemed great for those 7 at first, however highly disappointing when stopped working and claimed other commitments not finishing a single project merge. Work he did do has been taken over by another who said his working was fine I just cant recommend

Very sorry about that Smartay. I did underestimate the work and definitely overextended myself. I would blame my baby but she is too cute to be at fault. Hope things are going well!

I totally agree. I hired Justin back a couple years ago and had a similar issue (worked on a procedurally generated zombie game). Worked for a couple days, and then stopped working, claimed other commitments (after a couple weeks of ghosting), and didn’t complete much work. I didn’t lose anything (just about a week of time) so I didn’t think to negatively review. But after seeing Smartay’s review, unfortunately, I felt like I should speak up and say I cannot recommend.

@Burnrate I recommend you thoroughly think through how much work is required and how much time you realistically have before you officially take on a job.

I totally agree. Again I must apologize. It was early in my freelancing career and I was moving into contract work. I overestimated myself and underestimated my other commitments, both work and life. Very sorry for that.

I’m interested in hiring you but these last couple of posters definitely have me concerned. What does your workload look like right now? How many hours are you available to work?