[LFW Paid] Joe Radak - Level + Game Designer

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for remote (or NYC area) Level or Game Design work. I’m able to work flexible hours on projects big or small. Can do everything from writing Game Design Documents to layout/level documents to full level design/construction/architecture and environmental art (not asset creation). I’ve hosted large public testing and internal tests. Additionally. I have experience in Blueprint Programming and extensive experience with VR game and level design/interaction (including creating a launch title for the HTC Vive).

Skillsets: Level/Game Designer
2 Years Indie Game Developer
2+ Years UE4 experience
6+ Years Source SDK/Hammer Editor
6 Years Senior Community Manager

Previous Work
Light Repair Team #4 - HTC Vive Launch Title
Snowplow - Featured Map for End of the Line Team Fortress 2 Update and Gun Mettle Team Fortress 2 Update
Black Mesa - MP level designer and community manager


Rate/Cost/Fee negotiable!

Please contact me at the email listed in the Resume,


@Fr0z3nR Hello! I sent you an email.

Still available for work!