[LFW PAID] Jake Davey - Technical Sound Designer

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jake I’m a technical sound designer based in Sydney, Australia. I’m currently seeking sound design and audio implementation work, I’ve listed my skills below


  • Reaper, Ableton, Protools, Logic pro.
  • Working knowledge of spatial audio for VR projects
  • Proficient in UE5 and UE4 Blueprints
  • Implementation of audio systems within interactive games
  • Recording and sound design
  • Building immersive soundscapes
  • Interaction Sound design for UI
  • Dialogue Recording, Editing and auditioning
  • Middleware, Wwise, FMOD
  • Familiar with Matlab and Python



With 10 years of experience in audio, I have a background in Acoustics, the science of sound and vibration, along with audio engineering in recording studios utilising a range of DAW’s including Avid Pro Tools, Ableton live and Reaper along with digital and analogue studio consoles. In collaboration with software engineers and digital producers, I was engaged to design and produce interactive audio and sonic branding for companies and their digital products. I have a couple of case studies including Ingogo, developing a sonic identity, and Sonify, a sound library for digital products. Featured on my Website


  • Bachelors degree in creative technology, ( Audio Engineering & Sound Production)
  • Masters degree in Arch Science ( Audio & Acoustics)


Discord: Jake-#5820