[LFW PAID] Jackson "Ash" Kendra - 3D Artist

[LFW PAID] Jackson “Ash” Kendra - 3D Artist

Skillset(s): 3D Artist

  • Maya Generalist (2yrs Professional), Mainly in modelling pipeline (Model, UV, Baking, Retopology), but have also worked with shaders and lighting in VFX using offline render pipelines (Redshift, Arnold, Mental Ray)
  • Zbrush (2yrs Professional), Sculpting, Baking hard surface and organic.
  • Substance Suite (2Yrs Professional), Procedural (Designer) and Texture painting (Painter)
  • Unreal Engine (2yrs Professional), Tech Art for static mesh Materials, Environments (level design, lighting), import/export and art-based optimisation for levels as well as Raytracing experience
  • Experience in working in Source Control environments (Perforce, Shotgun)

Previous Work**:**

  • Infiniti Detroit Motor Show 2018 Presentation (Freelance 3D Generalist [On-Site])
    • Producing Shaders, Modelling of assets, scene lighting.
    • Creating materials in Substance
    • Source Control experience
  • **Carnival Cruise ( Freelance 3D Artist [Remote/On-Site])
    • **Producing CG footage for Stage Performance
    • Generating passes in Unreal Engine for masks to use in Compositing
    • Rendering in Unreal for quick turnaround
    • Liaising with international clientele
  • Samurai Zero (Freelance Environment Artist [Remote])
    • Level Design, Modelling of assets and lighting
    • Creating textures using Painter and Designer
    • Sourcing assets and integration
    • Master Material Design and Tech Art

Reel: Showreel March 2020 Jackson Kendra on Vimeo
Artstation: ArtStation - Jackson Kendra

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
(Will send additional contact details after email)

Additional Information:

  • Australian Time zone (UTC+10)
  • No Revenue Share or Delayed style payments.
  • Any remote work outside AU can be paid in USD, GBP or EUR based on location
  • Portion of agreed wage paid in advance upon starting work, and will be paid and milestones and deliveries sent after full payment received