[LFW PAID] Graphic Designer - Branding / UI

**Skillset(s): **Graphic Designer

  • 6 years of Branding / Advertising / Layout / Visualization / UI


My portfolio is comprised of 3D work and Graphic Design work. Everything is modelled by me and all graphics are designed by me.
You can also view my Artstation store to see more of my Graphic Design work.

Also feel free to browse my work on Instagram

Leave a message in the thread or send me a PM to move forward.

Additional Information:

  • I live close to Toronto Ontario Canada
  • I am looking to join a team
  • Availability will depend on the project
  • Remote only for the time being
  • Rates can be discussed in private

I am open to startup projects with little to no funding however, my interests will dictate whether I will be able to take on the project.

Thanks, Stay Safe!