[LFW PAID] - Gamasome Interactive - UE4 Blueprints & C++ expertise + Mocap services

We are a tiny team of experts in the game development field , ready for work . We do development work as well as provide affordable mocap and facial mocap services . We accept only paid work.

Skillset(s):UE4 Blueprints and c++ programming

  • 5 years in the indie game dev scene. 
  • Blueprints and c++ coding
  • Physics programming
  • Motion capture services ( Body + face )
  • UMG and UI design
  • Character development
  • VR development

Quick list of recent work -

Dynamic Ragdoll & Animation blending with locomotion :

** Monster chasing and attacking Ai with inverse kinematics **

Third person grappling mechanism

In-Game interior designing

Facial motion capture

Body motion capture

Our website :



Additional Information:

  • Online only.
  • English only

Feel free to contact us for any queries either through email or skype .