[LFW PAID FREELANCER] Rodrigo Villani - Artist/Developer & Consultant


  • 3D Character and Asset Artist
    7+ years in game and interactive software industry. Specialized in material and post process development in UE4. Lots of experience with Lightmass.
    Click for my artwork portfolio | Click for my real time 3D assets
  • Blueprint/C++ developer
    5 years developing in Unreal (and 4 more before it in other languages/softwares). Plugins in C++ published to the Marketplace. Several complex math solved for interesting interactions, either through traditional means or using devices like Kinect, WiiMote, VR headsets, LeapMotion and Arduino.


  • Supernatural VR experience for Warner Bros. at Brazil Comic Con.
  • Stranger Things memory game for Netflix at Brazil Comic Con.
  • The Striding Man character, material and animations for Johnny Walker’s anniversary.
  • SmartFantasy, a Kinect virtual dresser.
  • **VR Archvis **interactions for iTeleport.

Videos and descriptions of my role in each of these in my games portfolio:



  • Living in São Paulo, Brazil. Can travel (usually).
  • Full-time freelancer, always available.
  • Payments via PayPal, TransferWise or similar.
  • Upfront payment for consultation once we agree on a minimum number of hours (even if it’s just one).
  • Speak English and Portuguese.
  • Prefer to work remotely.

I can solve problems live with you, on your PC via Skype and TeamViewer, or teach you/your employees how to use Unreal’s features for an hourly rate.
We can talk about what you need. Then, offline with no charge, I’ll figure out how to help you, quote how many hours I’d take to solve it and you can decide if we’ll do it or not.
I’ve helped people with their issues in just one or two hours several times. Count on me!

Some of the people I’ve helped, so you can ask them about the experience: @modena3d @PolyBionics @darkskyfell

For commissioned work, contact me for a fair quote on your specific needs.

Comments are welcome! :slight_smile: