[LFW PAID, freelance or contract] Yuri Alexander - 3D Character Artist

3D Character Artist - Several years experience with AAA games.

I have experience with the whole low-poly pipeline, including working with shaders and in-engine. I also have experience with modular characters, cleaning and using scan data, topology targeting, and rigging/weighting.
I primarily use Zbrush, Maya, Silo, Marvelous Designer, and Vray to create my work. I also have professional experience using Cryengine and Unreal Engine.

Previous Work:**
Most recently on the new Spiderman game by Insomniac Games, and on Homefront: The Revolution.

Quick list of recent work - try to keep it within the last 5 years.
We don’t want to know about your modeling efforts in primary school.

or my artstation:

E-mail:, more contact information on my portfolio site (

Nice. Are you still available?