[LFW PAID] Female Voice Actor For Hire!

Looking for a bright and bubbly voice for your Game? Look no further! I will provide experienced and textured voices to engage my listeners and keep you wanting MORE.
My name is SkyRae, I provide Voice-Over talent of all types. I’m currently looking for a project to help with and feel as though you’d be a great fit! My specialties include voices ranging from children to elders. I do a fantastic job with creative characters in Video-Games and Animation. Next time you’re looking for a unique and bold voice, you’ll know who to contact! My incredible work ethic will have me pumping out studio quality work, oh! Did I mention I have an at home studio located in Las Vegas? I’ve had extensive practice with voice acting for 5 years starting at 17 years old! I’m looking for someone to help me on this journey and be the voice for an amazing project. I’m open to OpenSource And Phone call direction :slight_smile:

Look for PAID work! If interested check out for contact info and demo reels.