[LFW PAID] FATIH GURDAL - 3D Character Artist/Generalist

Latest piece:

3D Character Artist/3D Artist/Generalist

  • 5 years as a freelancer
  • 2 years in house lead artist
  • 11 years total making game art!

Previous Work:
Iron Fish - Lead Artist - UE4 project, PC -
Chieftains Challenge - Lead Artist, Art direction - Mobile
Surf Ratz Game & Comic - Lead Artist, Art direction - Mobile
LV= Drift - Lead Artist - Mobile
MayorGame - Character Artist - Applied Game
Carkit - General Artist - Applied Game


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: fatihG_#9879
Skype: bb0x_fg

Discord is the fastest way to get in touch with me. Emails are checked daily.

Additional Information:

  • Available immediately!
  • Pay part upfront.
  • Can travel, but locally only (The Netherlands)
  • I enjoy modding! check out my Street Fighter V mods:
  • Can speak English, Dutch and Turkish primarily.

Comments welcome!
Serious replies only please.

I have some downtime again.

If any of you is looking for a general artist, feel free to send me a message!