[LFW] [PAID] Experienced Voice Actress

Name: Tamara Ryan
Portfolio: Tamara Ryan - Voice Actress
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Hello there!
My name is Tamara and I’ve been doing voice over professionally for over 5 years. Credits include ARK, Dragon Ball Super, Shiness, Atelier Firis and more. I work out of my home studio, which is equipped with a double wall booth, CAD GXL2200 Mic, and Preamp. I can be directed live via Skype or Source Connect.

My rate is $250/hr unless you have something like 3 or 5 lines that need to be done, then we can negotiate.


Additional demos and samples can be heard on my website:

My process
If we work together, what I need is a full and completed script. This will help cut down on costs since we won’t have to keep re-recording every time there is a script change. I normally record at 44100 kHz 16-bit and deliver .wav files. If you require a different setting, just let me know. I’m also very flexible and can usually record your script within a day or two.

“From the second I heard her audition I knew that Tamara was going to be an outstanding addition to our cast. As the game’s central protagonist Tamara’s work had to be exceptional and she delivered in spades. She was a delight to direct and I’m looking forward to working with her again.”

  • Michael Csurics (Brightskull Entertainment Group)

“Tamara did a wonderful job executing on a very unusual set of voice assets. There were no words; only exertions, grunts, yelling and suffering. But even with those primal noises, Tamara was still able to convey the female’s brave survivalist character we had envisioned for our project all along.”

  • Stephen Baker (Studio Wildcard)

Keep in Touch!

I understand you might not need voice over right this instant, so please follow me on Twitter or Facebook so we can keep in touch!

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

Bumping for updated content!

Her voice over work is superb, one of the best voice actors I have worked with!

Thank you so much Brian! I really enjoyed working with you as well!

Some news! Poi from Polykid Games will be coming to Switch later this year!

You can see a short clip of my work as the female playable character here

New project is up! I voice Athena in this Overwatch parody. Enjoy!

Susie from “Wet hot American Summer” in the Family guy mobile game

Several NPCs in the mobile version of “Dark and Light”


Hello! Back again with another new project. Shadowverse just released their new pack: Starforged Legends, and I voice a few characters in it. I hope you enjoy!

So, I’ve been looking back at some work and realized I’ve done quite a few game trailers. I thought making a little demo reel would be fun, so please enjoy!

A new Shadowverse character has been released.

Hi! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I’ve been lucky enough to have voices characters for Gun Gale Online, Sirius the Jeager and more. Hope you enjoy the new videos. :slight_smile: