[LFW][PAID] Experienced Gameplay Programmer & Game Designer


My name is Alex Quick and I’ll be looking for work soon as the project I had been involved with is winding down!

The work I am seeking is preferably remote, but if you happen to be in the Twin Cities area (MN, USA) I may be able to work on site.

My rates and schedule are both very flexible, but I will only work with funded teams of passionate people, making cool games!

Who am I ?

I am an independent developer and industry veteran with about 16 total years of experience (6 + modder years , and 10 + professional). I have worked with every major version of Unreal Engine from 1.0 onward, but have spent the majority of my time with UE 2.5 and UE 4.0.

My skillset is primarily focused around Gameplay Programming and Game Design

I am fluent in Unrealscript, C++, and** Blueprint**. I have dabbled in other languages as well (Actionscript) but would not profess to be a master.

What have I worked on?

What can I do for your project?

  • **Game Design Consultancy ** - I know how hard it is to start a game and keep it going year after year with little to no direction other than the voices in your head. While I will respect and defer to the design goals of any project I join, I can also offer you some valuable advice on what has and has not worked for me in my time designing indie games.
  • **Buff your existing code! - **As someone who started out as an artist and slowly got pulled into programming I can’t tell you how many times I have looked back and cringed at the code I wrote when I was just starting out. Your code may not be bad, heck, it may even be very good! But I’ve learned a whole lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to things like performance, sensible architecture, and re-usability that could benefit your project.
  • **Write awesome new gameplay code! **I know how to translate a design into a set of functional gameplay systems. 99% of my code will be written in C++ , but I will always consider blueprint designers and provide simple but powerful interfaces for them to use.

Wanna chat?

**Discord : **Alex Q#6389
Skype: A_Jim_Quick
**Email: **

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Still available !

Hi, if you know the Creator of Killing Floor, My Programmer, D.B. aka. “Capone” for Rival Playas was bartering work with KF Founder, Capone is a wizard.

I am looking for a Programmer, with BluePrint knowledge (C++/C# doesn’t really do the trick) and i don’t wnt to get your hopes up, but the point is this:

I am now working Solo to Produce an Art & Tech. Demo, based upon the Theme and Concept of the Outline Above. When the Demo reaches the point where it is fully working, and ready to be evaluated, i will ask around for a Cinematics engineer to take footage of the Demo’s scenery and functionality.

The Demo and Cinematic will go towards further recruitment, and We could have a shot at Epic Games’ Grant of $50,000 to fund our Science & Tech. Then, Finalizing an Early Build for testing will come, and Early Access will be considered, once a solid level of stability and playability is reached.

I am Not skilled in Blueprints, and only have an Intro to OOP, i’m a Full-On Graphics Designer, i don’t really “get” Code.…izure-ue4-demo