[LFW][PAID] Experienced Blueprint coder

UPDATED 16/2/2021

BP coder with over 4 years experience in UE4 capable of a wide range of coding areas.

  • Animation retargeting , Anim blueprints
  • Base system creation for projects
  • Materials
  • Character movement
  • Destructible components (apex)
  • Trigger volumes
  • UI / Widget creation

And many more areas (enquire if you need more info)

I have worked remotely with teams and know how to use SVN, show updates on projects and communicate with team members.

Here are some example projects i created:

Zombie Destruction/Physics Demo.

Physics and Ray tracing used -made within 4 days for a jam.

Space sim with destruction and free flight - made within a week.

Indie game jam winning project (2 weeks work).

Rpg showcase with quests / dialouge, melee fighting, abilities.

Either contact me through these forums or send an email to : [EMAIL=“”]

Available again.

Thanks Razman27, what is your rate, where are you located, and can you share examples of the actual blueprints you’ve created? Screenshots with some descriptions?