[LFW PAID] Experienced AAA Environment Artist Available for Freelance/Remote Work

2017 Edit: My name is Daniel Rose and I am available for off-site freelance and contract work. I’ve been working in the industry for 7 years and have shipped 4 AAA titles; Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Defiance,Dungeons and Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy, *Infinite Crisis, LoTRO, *and LawBreakers. I’ve recently finished up a contract for Bluepoint games where I contributed to the upcoming *Shadow of The Colossus *PS4 remake.

Shadow E3 Trailer

I also spent the summer and fall of 2016 working on-site in New York City with Vayner Media and Psyop on two Youtube 360 videos that used Unreal in place of or in conjunction with traditional pre-rendered scenes to tell stories.

SKII: Journery

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I’m an expert at modeling with Maya and texturing with Substance Painter, Designer, and Photoshop. I have great Zbrush skills. I specialize working in Unreal (UDK and 4) but I also have used Unity on various projects.

I’m also available for more than game assets. Architectural and product Visualization is something that interests me quite a bit, and with VR starting to roll out to customers, visualization in a virtual, real time space is more important than ever. I am equipped with an Oculus VR Headset with Touch Controllers.

I’ve included a few images below from my portfolio, which you can visit at as well as at You can contact me at [EMAIL=“”] or on Twitter @](

Thank you for your time, I’m looking forward to working with you!


I’m bumping this thread with a SketchFab model of my Playstation Vita. I’m still looking for freelance contracts. Check out my work and get in touch! I do specialize in Unreal 4! and my email: [EMAIL=“”]

Hello all. I am bumping this tread as I am available for remote work again. I’ve recently completed a long stretch of on-site work with Psyop, Vayner Media, and most recently Bluepoint Games. I used Unreal for Youtube 360 Projects at Psyop and Vayner Media, and worked on environments for the upcoming *Shadow of The Colossus *remake on PS4. Please check out my work at or

I continue to specialize in Unreal!