[LFW] [PAID] Experienced AAA 3d character/prop/hard surface artists @ (INDIE rates)

3D Game Artists
We have 8 years in the Game industry

Previous Work:
-Bioshock Infinite

  • Bard’s Tale IV

Gintomesh Studio is an independent team of veteran freelancers all working full time remotely from the Philippines. Whether your needs are for an individual artist or a team, we will provide. We understand your needs for quality art at a full production and management pipeline even at an indie budget, so we are here to be the solution for that.

We can negotiate to fit your budget and goals, including offering discounts for ensured long term opportunities.(ex. book an artist for one whole month and we’ll give you 25% discount for each asset done within that month)

We can take your character from concept all the way to final 3d in-game mesh. We specialize in 3d character and prop/weapon/environment assets. From modeling/sculpting all the way to uvmap/texture and LODs.

Please take the time to check out the team’s work at

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Please have a look at this game “Torment” that we worked on for the past 1.5 years, we did almost all the characters in it.

Here are some more samples.

Our game we worked on for the past 1 and half years has just been released at STEAM and is currently up for an rpg of the year award. Please check out our works here,

In the meantime here are some more samples of the work we do. We deliver on timely manner with quality while you spend less time on management. Time difference is not a problem even if we are from southeast asia.

We are capable of lighting and porting assets to both Unity and Unreal engine.


About a year ago we worked on a spaceship RTS game, here is the enemy alien drone ship asset for that game.

As you can see the game we worked on “Torment” is up for a nomination as best RPG of the year even coming against AAA games.

Please view some of the team’s work for the game here. In total we’ve done about 100 characters! We can negotiate to fit your budget and goals, including offering discounts for ensured long term opportunities.(ex. book an artist for one whole month and we’ll give you 25% discount for each asset done within that month)

Here’s a sample.

We are available for work.

Hi. What is your guys’ skype?

Just last July, we worked on this game’s kickstarter “A Bard’s tale IV” and it succeeded in funding, we’d like to show you the work we’ve done on the main character Bard.


And here is the environment mountain statue we worked on as well,

and here’s their kickstarter video

Did I mention how much we love working on guns. Here is a recent one we did, rendered inside of unreal with PBR textures.


If that weapon wasn’t already cool enough, here’s another we recently just finished.

Messaged, reply when able.



Just recently we finished several horror characters for a client, here is one of them. A scary self pain inflicting clown that is of kindred spirit to Stephen King’s IT.

We like doing suits in marvelous designer nowadays, so if your game is in need of any suave type dudes who definitely know how to show some class, give us a call…

Chow Yun Fat sculpt B 3.jpg
Chow Yun Fat fin texture.jpg

How about something this time that is off the opposite end of the spectrum to a nicely dressed lad.


We are still available for work, please feel free to contract one of us or all of us for a discounted price :slight_smile:

Once again we’d like to show you the work we did on Bard’s Tale IV kickstarter pitch video. It is set for a Late 2017 release.

See the video here,

We’ve just ended a really busy project with lots of new characters done, now we’re up for more work. Feel free to contract us!
Here’s one of them for a tactical 3rd person RTS game, which I believe is a really unique non-cliche soldier design.


How about another soldier from the same game.

Check it out, the game we worked on is finally going to get released Feb 28!
Here’s a lengthy preview and gameplay from AngryJoe.

E-mail sent, we’re reviving an old project, might need some new characters.

And here is the alien enemy forces for a recent RTS game we worked on.
We are free for more work just like this. It seems RTS, MMO RPGs and isometric top down view games are our forte.Alien final sculpt 1.jpgAlien  final texture.jpg