[LFW PAID] Esteban Mercado - Music Composer

Hi, my name is Esteban and I’m a music composer interested in writing for visual novels and story based games.

I’m passionate about writing emotional and story driven soundtracks, I also have experience scoring to films (“sync to picture”) and implementing my own music to video game engines to create interactive scores (UE4, Wwise, Unity).

As for the way I work, I really like talking about creative details, influences and designs so I can create a musical product that fits the style of the project. I also consider myself very proactive, organized and I’m used to deliver assets on time.

You can listen to some of my music here.
Or listen to my latest original game soundtrack on Bandcamp here.

Pricing really depends on each project and the type of work it requires, let’s get in touch and work together on something exciting!


Here’s a new song I made inspired by traditional Japanese music :shinto_shrine:. It was a lot of fun to do and specially fun to research about!