[LFW PAID] Dillon Vetere - 3D Artst/Composer/Producer

Hello Developers!

My name is Dillon. I am an extremely dedicated, passionate and reliable game developer. My multiple skillsets include 3D Art(Landscape Design, Lighting), Music Composition/Sound FX, and management/production. I also have some basic experience working with C# and Blueprints. I am currently the owner and producer of the indie game entitled Ghost of the Forest, which I am responsible for the music, landscape, and some blueprint coding as well. We are developing Ghost of the Forest in Unreal Engine so I am constantly working in the engine on a daily basis. I am easy to work with and can commit time to any project.

**Skillset(s): **

  1. Manager/Producer
  • 2 years in indie game scene.

  • Leading a small remote indie team

  • Currently producing Ghost of the Forest

  1. Music Composition, Sound FX, Ambient Soundscapes
  • 4 years in indie game scene.

  • Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live

  • 10 Years as a Hobbyist

  • Ability to both mix and master tracks

  1. 3D Art(Landscape & Lighting)
  • 4 years in indie game scene.

  • Created entire landscape for Ghost of the Forest

  • Ability to model low poly objects

  1. Programming
  • 1 years in indie game scene.

  • Basic coding experience with both C# and Blueprints

  • Programmed a basic inventory system with Blueprints

Current/Previous Work:

  • Ghost of the Forest - Legendary Minutes (In Development)

    • Owner, Producer, Artist, Composer, Programmer

    • Responsible for putting the scenes together in Unreal Engine

      • Landscape, Programming, Art

    • Created all Music and Sound for the Project

    • Ongoing project which began in 2016

    • http://www.ghostoftheforest.com

  • Neon Warrior - Dillon Vetere(2018)

  • Shaanti - Legendary Minutes (2017)

    • Music Composer

    • Created for Epic MegaJam Fall 2017

  • Rayburst - Fulgryph (2015)

    • Music Composer


E-mail: [EMAIL=“dillonvetere@gmail.com”]dillonvetere@gmail.com
Skype: DillonVetere
Twitter: Twitter.com/dillonvetere

Additional Information:

  • Can Only Work Remotely

  • Wages must be sent via Venmo/Paypal/Zelle

I am reliable and committed. I have a “team first” mentality and enjoy working in groups whether it’s online or together in the same room. I will do whatever it takes to make sure my work is up to the standards you are striving for. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my resume. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards,
Dillon Vetere