[LFW] [PAID] David Williams - Cinematic Artist/Generalist

I have a broad skillset but am only interested in working on cinematics and work revolving around them, the below reflects this.

Skillset: Generalist, focusing on Cinematography and Storytelling
5 years in film industry
4 years in 3D Visual effects (for film)

Previous Work:

Hell Let Loose Reveal trailer:
I was provided with a map and game assets, did all the visual work; from previs through to final edit (excluding final shot of the statue).


Additional info:
Looking for interesting projects with creative freedom


The main goal of the HLL reveal trailer was to get people to subscribe to the games mailout. Here’s a link to the kickstarter which is currently funded up to $72,000 in the first 36 hours.

For those messaging me it would be great if you could include an overview of your game, any gameplay etc. and a rough budget for the cinematic. Thanks!