[LFW PAID] Dark Twin Production | Game Music Composing and Sound Design

We are an audio production studio specializing in composing original music for games and movies in genres ranging from heavy metal to ambient and folk. We always meet deadlines and offer an individual approach.
Feel free to contact us, we will be glad to discuss your project.

Our portfolio for your consideration

Contact us: darktwinproduction@gmail.com

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Are you still alive? I absolutely love your industrial stuff. Down the road I would love your help in bringing my dystopian multiplayer fps shooter to life. It is early in making but your metal industrial number 2 is EPIC. I will keep you bookmarked if down the road I do have funds I will absolutely pay you!!! AWESOME WORK!!! <3!

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Hello! Yes, we are still alive and available for cooperation!!! :slight_smile:
When you’re ready contact us via email.
Have a great day!

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