[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] Senior Programming Duo. C++/Blueprint/Other

Two senior developers(15yrs+ experience each) with shipped/released titles. Both with roughly 4yrs of UE4 C++/Blueprint experience since 4.0.
We have experience touching most aspects of the engine, editor, and plugin ecosystem and are comfortable tackling entire projects of fair complexity, or individual game play mechanics.

Remote work is required unless located in the Seattle, WA area, in which case on premise could be arranged.


  • C++
  • Blueprint
  • Web Development/Online Architecture(various technologies)

Discord: chocobro#2503

Please contact us with your project/need and we can put together a reasonable quote. Well this advert is focused on game development, we are both very experienced programming generalists capable of tackling web applications, back-end systems, and various other online architectures, so feel free to contact us about that as well.