[LFW PAID/CONTRACT/ROYALTY] Matt Gibson - Professional Music Composition, Sound & Implementation

Hi all!

I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and offer my services to anyone who may be interested. I’m Matt, a freelance composer and audio professional with experience of working at all stages of the audio pipeline for both linear and non-linear media. In addition to composition and sound design, I also have experience with designing and implementing non-linear interactive music systems.


  • Bespoke music composition
  • Custom sound design, including effects, Foley, UI sounds etc.
  • Interactive music system design & implementation - either in-engine or using middleware such as Wwise or FMOD


Sizzle reel to picture:

More information, examples of my work and portfolio can be found at the following:


Prices are negotiable depending on the requirements of each project, but are generally flexible enough to accommodate most needs! Revenue share/royalty-based agreements are also an option.


If anybody is interested in collaborating or has any further questions, please shoot me an email at [EMAIL=“”]

Thanks guys!