[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] Maxime "Kertit" Coquet - Junior Generalist 3D Artist

Skillset(s): 3D Generalist, Niagara, Blueprint, Level Design, Lightning

  • Using Blender and Substance Painter
  • Creating and Integrating Game-ready assets
  • Static and Skeletal Mesh Included
  • Realistic Style
  • Hard and organic modeling
  • Using Niagara for VFX In UE4/5
  • Level creation, using world partition, auto materials
  • Knowledge in optimization, and environment lightning
  • Knowledge in Animation

Previous Work:
Small Indie Project still in progress. none have been finished because of budget viability.


E-mail: Kertitprod
Discord: Kertit#9992

Additional Information:

  • Live In France (So, ye, I’m French)
  • Available Immediately
  • Remote Work Only, unless its somwhere in my city
  • Not the best English speaker, will need some weeks to adapt but still fluent in text chat
  • Learn by myself, relatively quick. Adaptive.
  • More In ease with medieval fantasy and futuristic stuff.

Comments welcome!
Indeed I take any advice on how to improve my art (or this topic :3)

I saw few job announce that ask for already skilled artists, but, that doesn’t exist. Even the greatest artist in the world keep learning everyday.
I feel sad knowing some companies/projects are refusing Junior artists because they have just started. I’m convinced they miss some great talent doing this.