[LFW: PAID/CONTRACT] Level Designer/3d Generalist/ UE VR Experience Developer

Hello, my name is Christopher, of Superfuntimes Media. I’m the lead artist, developer and designer for the upcoming Unreal Engine horror-suspense VR experience Dagger Woods ( website pics are old at this time) with Maritime Digital Art and Design. We are on a small hiatus and I’m looking for some paid/contract work for the next few months. I work from my own studio, with my own hardware, with my own licenses.

While many of the models were designed by others, and some of the textures, I do everything in-engine: all mesh setups, all sounds (downloaded, not recorded), all blueprinting, all level design, all lighting… Everything. It took me five months to make an incomplete scene in 3ds Max, with most assets initially extremely high poly and non-UV’d, into a functioning pre-alpha VR title.

I have been working in the 3d industry for about eight years now, mostly using Maya, and in the last three years I have made Substance Painter a key part of my pipeline(s). I have been using the Unreal Engine for about two and a half years now, daily, and at this point I would feel confident developing a VR experience entirely on my own if I had the funding. This is not braggadicio. I am determined and love my work.

Additionally, I have some skill in blueprinting, largely specializing in materials, but have also already created my own VR movement/collision system, raytrace-based camera view events, randomized events, and many different material templates for many different scenarios. I can easily take any model, optimize it, re-UV it, re-paint it, and have it in your experience with remarkable speed and efficiency.

Skills Overiew:
• 3D modelling, rigging, & unwrapping in Maya.
• Texturing & Baking with Substance Painter & Photoshop.
• Optimization for low end hardware, but able to perform magic on high end hardware.
• Proficient with Unreal 4.0+
• Proficient in blueprinting. More than proficient with material blueprinting.
• Video & audio editing, compositing, mastering.
• High experience with game theory and high knowledge of industry history and trends.

Helpful links:
• Current title: (pre-alpha, started Dec. 23rd)
• Dagger Woods Video (as of 05-2019):
• Portfolio Blog:
• Sketchfab Store:

My resume/CV & references are available upon request. I am entirely uninterested in royalty-based deals or free work.

Contact: Email [EMAIL=“”] (Forums posts unlikely to be seen as easily!)

**Pay Method: **Paypal upon invoice.