[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] Kade Markoux - Experienced Blender 3D Artist

**Skillset(s): **3D Modeler, Texturing, and I can do some Animations

  • 5 years with Blender 3D (Modeling, Low Poly Modeling, UVmapping, Texturing, Texture Painting, Rigging, Weighting, Some Animations)
  • 3 years with Krita (Texturing)
  • 3 years in Indie Game Scene (I have used UE4 and released my own game, working on 2 more but, I prefer making 3D Models)
  • 2 years with Shadermap (I use shadermap for quickly baking all sorts of texture maps from textures and models)

Previous Work:

Titanic Panic - (released)
Indie Game Developer, 3D Artist, Animator

Evil Never Dies - (in development)
Indie Game Developer, 3D Artist, Animator

Battleforte - BattleForte by SkywolfGameStudios (in development)
Indie Game Developer, 3D Artist, Animator


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”] or [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: Kade Markoux
Discord: KadeJM #0766

Additional Information:

  • I live in Palm Bay, Florida
  • I am available roughly 40 hours, 7 Days a week online
  • I work at home but am willing to Travel if needed
  • I am willing to acquire any skills needed to complete the job
  • I speak English mainly but I do know some German
  • I am always looking for new fun challenges to practice
  • I am willing to work within your budget to suite your needs
  • I accept payments via Paypal

Thank you kindly for any considerations for working with you on your project, feel free to comment if you would like to talk with me more or have any questions!