[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] JD Havenga - 3D Environment Artist

Hi all!

I’m an Environment Artist currently looking for work. I have a real passion for creating realistic and immersive environments and assets for games. My goal is to create environments and assets consistent with today’s AAA standards and to use the environments and assets to create compelling and interesting visual narratives.

Focus Abilities:
• Creating immersive, realistic, polished and well optimized game environments.
• Modeling, UV mapping and texturing (for PBR) detailed and believable organic and hard-surface game assets.
• Using modular kits, trim sheets and tiling textures to maximize efficiency and optimization during asset/environment creation.
• High-to-low poly asset creation workflow.
• High quality, PBR compliant procedural material creation in Substance Designer.
• Lighting game environments as to create the desired tone and mood, and lead the player as intended.
• Visual storytelling and establishing setting and narrative using a game environment.
• Incorporating real-world details in environments and assets based on my knowledge and experience gained as a Mechanical Engineer in order to increase authenticity and believability of digitally created content.
• Working on a tight schedule while still delivering quality work.

• Autodesk Maya
• Blender
• Substance Painter
• Substance Designer
• ZBrush
• Marmoset Toolbag 3
• Unreal Engine 4


CV Link: JD_Havenga_Environment_Artist_CV.pdf - Google Drive