[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] Game Developer - Programmer (Blueprint , C++)

8 + years experience developing and programming games using C++, Unreal Engine 4, C#, Unity 3D, Action Script 3, and Blitz Max . Two worldwide launched games for PC and Mac , two iOS games , over 20 flash games and 6 multiplayer flash games . Strong knowledge of 3d Studio Max, Blender, Photoshop, and After Effects as well as good sound design knowledge. I have switched to Unreal and I am using UE4 for more than one year in everyday jobs as a freelancer and for my own upcoming title.


  • Blueprint Scripting
  • C++ Programmer
  • Level Design
  • Sound Effects & Audio Integration

Previous Work:


Skype: afan.olovcic1

Additional Information:
I prefer to do contract based work instead of hourly rate.
Choose which one you prefer, please.
My hourly rate varies depending on complexity and scheduling time.

I prefer Milestone base payment and together, we will define total price for each milestone.

First, the tasks have to be precisely defined, perfectly clear and divided into smaller milestones.

First Stage, I will show you a video or do a live session on Skype after finishing each milestone. If you’re satisfied with the work done, then a payment for the total amount for that milestone takes place.
Second Stage, Once I receive the payment I will send you a demo; the Contractor has to play the demo and give me in detail what needs to be fixed or improved.

Final stage, After completing all milestones, I will fix and modify what you asked for and send you a fully functional Demo Build. After playing it, if it feels/looks OK, you will pay me the rest of the agreed amount of funds, and then I’ll send you the full source code.

All comments are welcomed!
Serious replies only please.

Hi guys , I just wanted to share an url to my Ludum Dare Jam entry as a work reference . It was really huge task but I wasn’t alone I was with UE4 :smiley: . Everything you see is done by my self in 72 hours. Alien Pathogen is Sci-Fi Top down horror shooter it has a lot of features like ,Custom Player Controller , Weapon system , different weapons with different types of ammo , enemy flocks, elevators , a lot of construction bluprints to speed up level design , HUD , Menu , Cut-scenes etc.

I 've used Sci-Fi pack from Unreal Marketplace it was huge push for me but everything else: Level design , sound design , cut scenes, UI, all Blueprints , Animation Blueprints ,Enemy character modeling , rigging and animation etc. I didn’t finish everything what was on my mind and I didn’t have much time for testing , it was really short time.


To finish all of that I have used many things:
-3Ds Max
-Mixamo Fuse
-Mixamo Autorigger and animations for human characters

Thanks for reading