[LFW PAID/ CONTRACT] Experienced Level Designer / Lighting Artist available for work!

My name is Jeffy Zachariah and I’m a level designer with nearly 5 years of experience with the Unreal Engine. I specialize in level design, scene building and lighting.

My Specialties include:

  • Preparing map layouts on 2D
    • Level scripting
    • Building levels in the editor with existing meshes and lighting the scene with VFX
    • Working on in-editor cinematic sequences
    • Strong creativity and deep knowledge of design
    • Excellent communication skills
    • 3D modeling knowledge
    • Experience with the Unreal Engine
    • Familiarity with optimization techniques using profiling tools

Additionally, I am also well experienced in,

  • Creating and maintaining all elements of lighting; dynamic, prebaked, interior and exterior setups.
  • Ensuring that all lighting deliverables are completed on production schedule
  • Maintaining a balance between visual quality and performance requirements for real-time game application on all platforms including VR
  • Keeping artistic style consistent with defined visual style for the game.
  • Working with design team to make sure lighting accentuates missions, objectives and game flow.

Below are the links to my portfolio and artstation page
Portfolio -
Artstation - ArtStation - Jeffy Zachariah

Skype: jeffzach20

Do reach out if you feel I’m a right fit for your projects.