[LFW Paid / Contract] Experienced C++ / VR Programmer Looking for Work

Hello Everyone,

My name is Nicholas Mallonee, and I am c++ programmer from the states.
Been working with the engine since May 2014. I have been working as a contractor for the past couple of
months on VR projects and I am currently open for contract and paid work.
Below is all of my information and details.

Skill Sets:

General Skill Set Overview:

    • C++ Programming inside of the Unreal Engine Framework
  • Creating C++ Code to Work inline with Unreal Engine Blueprints
  • Creating and working on Networked Games
  • Working On VR Products inside the Unreal Engine Framework*

C++ Skill Set Overview:

    • Dynamic Programming Styles
  • Data Structures: Maps, Graphs, Stucts, Trees
  • Memory Management and Memory Allocation
  • C++ Code Optimizations
  • Algorithm Optimizations*

VR Skill Set Overview:

    • Player Locomotion System Models
  • Player Interaction Models
  • Player Camera and World Interaction Models
  • Custom Interaction Models for Motion controllers
  • Creating Custom Haptic Feedback for Player Characters*

Previous Work:

Grand Canyon VRVR Programmer and Player Programmer

    • Created Custom Locomotion System
  • Created Dynamic Resource Gathering Volumes
  • Custom Interaction Models*

Video To Older Version of the project: - YouTube

TueborGameplay Programmer and Character Programmer

    • Wrote Code for Player Characters and their Abilities
  • Created automated systems for Particles and Sounds*

Steam Page:

More on my Website

Can Be Found Here

Formal Resume:
Can Be Found Here

Contact Information:
Can be Found Here

Rates and Contract Information:
If you want to contract me out; great! Lets get Started, but you should know my
rates upfront.

Hourly Rates under Full-Time Status:
-> Non-Networked Game: $25.00 per hour, but negotiable based on the project
-> Networked Game: $26.50 per hour, but negotiable based on the project

Hourly Rates at or Above Full-Time Status:
-> Non-Networked Game: 28.50 per Hour, but negotiable based on the project
-> Networked Game: $30.00 per hour, but negotiable based on the project

Currently still available.

Currently still available.