[LFW][Paid/Contract] c++ programmer / blueprint programmer/ 3D Artist / GIMP Artist


c++ programmer

  • 8 years professional experience for the IceCube Scientific Collaboration
  • experienced problem solver
  • started programming at 6 years old
  • experience managing svn metaprojects
  • experience working as part of a team

Blender Artist



GIMP Artist
Police Badge:

Icon for an in-game computer screen:

Previous Work:

Hobby Project in UE4:

Hobby Projects in c++

Fun Facts:

I have a Ph.D. in experimental physics
I have been to the South Pole
I have been employed as a Physics Professor
I’m a VI user

Contact Info:


About me:

I have just recently left my job as a physics professor at a state university. I am disappointed with the current state of academia, so I’m looking for work in other areas. About a year ago, a friend of mine (who is actually a former student) mentioned that UE4 was available for download. I started with 4.10, and started playing around. It took a while to figure out the engine, but about 9 months ago, I started building a hobby project. You can see the screenshots above. You’ll probably recognize some of the starter content, but everything else (models, textures, materials, etc.) are my own work. Nothing is downloaded from the store.

Ideally, I’d like to be hired by a studio or indie group, but I’m willing to work on spec for a while.

What I find interesting about working in the gaming industry is that I would be able to use my problem solving skills on a daily basis, and it’d be nice to work as part of a team again.

Oh, and in case anyone is worried about it, I don’t write spaghetti code. I know a lot of physicists have that reputation, but whenever my work went in for a code review, I always got compliments about how clear and pretty my coding style was.