[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] Benjamin Presley - Tech Art/Environment Art

[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] Benjamin Presley - Tech Art/Environment Art

⦁ Proficient with Blender/Maya/SubstanceSuite
⦁ Extensive experience with Speedtree versions 7 & 8
⦁ Focus on Asset optimization for single and multiplayer environments
⦁ Detail oriented and excellent communicator
⦁ Novice Java/C#/C++ (C++ mostly in asset configuration)

Previous Work:
Path of Titans - Technical Artist
-Asset optimization for Desktop/Mobile/Console including mesh/material/placed assets

BreakingPoint Game - Technical Artist/Environment Artist

-Conducted optimization work on much of the vegetation
-Fixed issues with assets and materials before integrating into game
-Created many structure compositions for placement
-Extensive work with loot sockets and in game placement


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: BigBen#1428

Additional Information:

  • Available for up to 2 Weeks at a time for full time contracts. Longer for part time.
  • Online only.
  • Cannot travel.

Comments welcome!
Serious replies only please.

Hi Benjamin,
Are you able to handle setting up animation systems within unreal? Importing animations, setting up, blending animations within unreal, and navigating the animation graphs. That sort of thing. Let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

While I have done some limited animation work, my main skill set revolves around foliage creation, asset and scene optimization, and composition work.

Demo reel? Actual portfolio anywhere to be found?