[LFW] [PAID/CONTRACT] 3D Environment Artist, 3D Generalist


Hello, my name is Chris Miranda. I have 1 year of industry experience and have been doing Level Art/3D Modeling for about 5 years before. I have full understanding of Unreal Engine and can create immersive worlds effortlessly. My skills also include 3D Modeling and Texturing for anything ranging from large architectural pieces to smaller props and set pieces. I have a wide range of different works and pieces so my horizon is fairly large and I can see myself adapting to most projects with ease. Any requests will be responded to quickly and any work will be completed within a timely manner.

Skills Include:

  • 3D Modeling and Unwrapping with Blender
  • Detailed Texturing with Substance Painter
  • Custom Tileable Materials with Quixel
  • Level Design and Level Art with Unreal Engine
  • Can create large architectural pieces as well as smaller assets
  • Quick response and work efficiency

Portfolio: ArtStation - Christopher Miranda

Email: [EMAIL=“christopherc.miranda1@gmail.com”]christopherc.miranda1@gmail.com

Really looking forward to any and all opportunities! Normally don’t freelance but have been laid off and started as a way to help pay off remaining bills, any and all opportunities are greatly appreciated

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