[LFW] [PAID/CONTRACT] 2D Concept Artist & Illustrator (3D Too!)

Hi all,

My name is Jordan Nelsen and I am a freelance concept artist & illustrator who is looking for some cool and interesting projects to be a part of! I have 3 years of experience working in the game and medical visualization industries. I have worked on indie and mobile games, and also have experience in the 3D pipeline creating complex anatomical models for educational games / purposes.


  • Concept Art - Character / prop / environment (Can match both realistic and stylized)
  • Illustration
  • Character modeling & texturing
  • Prop modeling & texturing
  • Art direction / look development

Recent Work:

Howler Studios - Art Director & Lead Concept Artist
*Unannounced mobile game project

ACM SIGGRAPH - Art Director

The Neurosurgical Atlas - 3D Artist / Texture Artist

Tethys Interactive - Concept Artist & Illustrator
Astral Terra



Thanks for taking a look! If you’ve got a fun project that you think I may be an ideal fit for, please feel free to reach out. Paid work only please.

Portfolio Samples: