[LFW PAID] Benjamin Roach - AAA Environment Artist/Level Designer

Pleased to meet you,

My name is Benjamin, and I am an experienced Environment Artist & Level Designer originally from Australia but currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan.

I have worked alongside the influential minds at Square Enix, Sega and soon Fromsoftware to name a few. I recently finished working on Final Fantasy XV, Kingsglaive and upcoming titles from Sega and Fromsoftware.

Skype: benroachstudios


*Low poly modeling, retopology, UV unwrapping
High poly subdivision modeling, detailed sculpting, clean normal map baking
Hand painted textures, Procedural substances, tiling textures
PBR Material generation, game engine material networks, vertex blended materials, large terrain materials
Level design & layout, placement, blance of gameplay and design
Lighting arrangement (Real-time), dynamic lighting, baked lighting, post processing
Terrain construction, height map editing, terrrain seamless blending

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Available: Currently finishing off a few contracts and have some time coming up. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Just some previous work I have done for Square Enix on Final Fantasy 15. More details on my website.

Sent you a PM.