[LFW PAID] Batzorig.B - UE Gameplay Programmer [Remote/Freelance]

Hi, I’m Batzorig, a UE Game Developer with 5+ years of experience, available for remote freelance.

I specialize in:

  • Gameplay Ability System: Proficient in leveraging the Gameplay Ability system to implement complex game mechanics and enhance player interactions.

  • Modular Game Features: Skilled at designing and implementing modular game features, enabling scalability and flexibility in game development.

  • Widget UI/UX: Developed complex user auth, in-game menu UIs with API integration.

  • Level Optimization: Experienced in optimizing levels using world partition with HLOD and generating LODs for meshes.

  • Rendering: Proficient in real-time rendering with ray tracing.

  • Multiplayer Development: Experienced in designing and implementing multiplayer systems, ensuring robust and seamless player interactions in a networked environment.

  • Additional: C++, Python, Blender3D, Git, Perforce, Postman, Figma

Previous Works:

GUYUK Metaverse:

Large-Scale landscape, Metaverse(Virtual Social App, Game) in UE, Lead developer
Link: GUYUK Metaverse
Platform: Desktop & Mobile
Preview: Youtube

  • Team Management and Mentorship: Led and mentored junior developers, assigned tasks, and ensured team collaboration and productivity.
  • Design Collaboration: Worked closely with the design team to streamline interactions, defined 3D asset and texture standards for optimal performance in Unreal Engine.
  • Modular Game System Architecture: Created a scalable and modifiable modular game system architecture, facilitating the addition of new custom game modes without extensive coding.
  • Multiplayer System: Created a multiplayer system enabling seamless player interactions, including voice chat functionality.
  • UI/HUD System: Designed minimal HUD, menu, and settings UI layouts using Figma and developed a comprehensive UI/HUD system based on LyraStarterGame & CommonUI, enhancing user experience.
  • API Integration: Collaborated with the back-end team to integrate their API with the project, implementing a complex user authentication system.
  • Epic Online Services (EOS) Integration: Integrated EOS, allowing players to earn experience points and complete challenges.
  • Terrain Optimization: Worked on large-scale terrain optimizations using world partition and HLOD, essential for the expansive metaverse terrain.
  • Asset Optimization: Optimized assets from the level design team by creating LODs for meshes and optimizing textures.
  • Modular Character System: Implemented a modular character system enabling players to easily change their character skins and add new accessories.
  • Inventory System: Developed an inventory system allowing characters to collect and remove items.
  • Weapon System: Implemented a weapon system based on LyraStarterGame, featuring various ranged weapons.
  • Chunking System: Added a chunking system that downloads specific levels and their assets from a CDN as players enter new areas.
  • Rendering: Implemented real-time rendering with ray tracing that benchmarks user devices and automatically adjusts graphic settings for compatibility.

Heavy machinery training simulator for VR

VR simulator, Senior VR Developer
Preview: Youtube

  • Heavy Machinery and Excavators Integration: Added various types of heavy machinery and excavators that function directly within the simulator.
  • Hardware Integration: Collaborated closely with the hardware team to connect Unreal Engine to sensor devices attached to the simulator, ensuring accurate and responsive interactions.
  • VR System Implementation: Developed and implemented the VR system for the simulator, providing an immersive training experience.
  • Additional Training Levels: Created additional training levels within the simulator, enabling drivers to practice and improve their skills independently without the need for instructors.

BelMonte Residence - VR Showroom

VR & 360 Archviz project, Senior VR Developer
Preview (360° only): click here

  • Team Leadership and Development: Led the team in creating a VR archviz system for the showroom app.
  • Design Collaboration and Optimization: Worked closely with the design team to optimize their assets and textures for seamless integration with Unreal Engine.
  • Interior Design Rendering: Rendered apartment interior design levels and implemented them into VR devices, providing an immersive viewing experience.
  • Level Optimization: Optimized levels using NVidia DLSS for enhanced performance in VR.

Other VR projects preview:

Link: Youtube

Additional Info:

  • CV: link
  • Availability: Up to 30h per week
  • Work Preference: Available exclusively for remote work


Email: batzorig.ds@gmail.com
LinkedIn: click here
Discord: #zorigoo.bn

*Please note that I only work on projects for desktop and mobile devices

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Feel free to contact me in Discord at @zorigoo.bn