[LFW PAID] Andrea "sterne" Rondena - 3D Environment/prop Artist

I’m Andrea from Italy, and I’m an experienced environment artist with 3 years working on the Assassin’s creed brand.
I’m looking for some paid freelance work.
Working also as a freelance archviz visualizer I can also help with UE4 assets creation for an archviz project or even entire scenes. I can create models from scratch or optimize existing ones from commercial libraries, unwrapping them and texturing them including baking normal maps. I have also experience with oculus rift dk2.
My software knowledge beside Unreal Engine 4 includes 3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, Vray Cryengine, Unity 4.

Skillset(s):3D Environment/prop Artist

  • 3 years experience in game studio as intermediate 3d level artist

Previous Work:

  • AC Liberation for PSVita
  • AC Liberation HD for xbox360 and Ps3
  • AC Rogue for xbox360 and Ps3

my personal website for games
my archviz works on

Contact Info:
Skype: andrea.rondena
Please feel free to contact me at [EMAIL=“”]

examples of my work :